Monday, 12 October 2009

so excited....

i love it when inspiration builds on inspiration... see, i was feeling inspired to make some more pillowcase veggie bags. i have been talking with some friends from my church about being more sustainable - including reducing packaging etc. and as part of the discussion, i showed them my veggie bags and from the positive result decided to make a few extras to pass around. but a few of my recent pillowcase purchases were fairly plain single colours. hmm, i thought - what can i do to make them a bit more interesting? the lovely gina from clutterpunk inspired a solution, with her thread sketching the other day - followed by a great tutorial today. so here they are (not quite finished - they still need draw strings, but i was so excited i had to share) note the pre-requisite bird on a branch (i suspect we will see this design popping up everywhere as a first attempt). big thanks gina!!!


Mookah said...

Your first attempt at bird on branch looks pretty darn good to me! I'm going to give it a go myself when I get a spare minute.

Clutterpunk is oh so clever isn't she?

Gina said...

YAY! *Clapping* I especially love your little apple and pear, I think they are just so cute. Did you find the technique easy enough? So much fun and potential... *squee*

becclebee said...

thanks Mookah, if you look carefully, my bird on a branch kinda has a double chin. but not to worry, its all about the rough and readiness of it really.

and gina - it was really easy. surprisingly so! once i gave it a go that is. my machine is older than yours though - so has less in the way of settings, but still it was such a fun adventure. i'm not sure i'll do any more words for the time being, they were hard work. but i am so going to do some more.

so so much fun!

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