Tuesday, 11 August 2009

a little project

i have always found plastic bags a bit of a frustration at the supermarket. i take along my own bags for the groceries at the end and i always just pop my veggies loose in the bottom of the trolley. but beans and the like remain problematic - i inevitably end up having to use the plastic bags they supply. the bags (usually) work beautifully getting my beans from the shelf to my dinner, but then i just throw them out. they are too little to re-use as bin liners, and my imagination peters out after that. ahh, but not anymore. leonie's post about her hula potato bags got me thinking and gina's quick and dirty sewing project gave me further inspiration. i combined the two ideas with a little op-shopping and here we have it. four post-life pillowcase veggie bags. i picked this pillowcase, both because it is so pretty, but its also very lightweight fabric. and i used both white ribbon and yellow bias binding i had at home for the drawstrings. so now, off to the supermarket to try them out...

1 comment:

Gina said...

Ooh err, clever you. Yes, I had thought about putting a drawstring at the top of mine. But that wasn't quick and dirty enough for me!!

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