Friday, 29 May 2009

a little encouragement after foiled crochet plans

i really have been enjoying all the crochet displayed all over blog land. like here and here and here... but i have also been feeling a little discouraged, as my attempts to teach myself to crochet have been so unsuccessful. so tonight, the lovely sayraphim from page 63 of your manual was planning on coming over to teach me to crochet. i was thinking it might make a bit more sense when i could see it happening in front of me - with the added bonus of being able to get answers to my questions (even the best youtube tute hasn't been able to do that for me). however, unfortunately something has come up and the plan has been foiled. rats.
so, i thought i would post some encouragement for myself. see, i think i have mentioned that i can actually crochet. i have done it before, not like granny squares or anything - just a simple scarf. i had a bit of a dig around in my scarf stash and found it - proof of what now seems to be a past-life-ability to crochet.
and i also found this scarf, which i bought when i lived in nepal and i thought i'd post it too. i always find bright colours encouraging - don't you?


littlelovelies said...

Don't give up! Just try a granny square - i'm sure if you can crochet that scarf then you would be a whiz at crochet squares!

p.s. Where in Nepal did you live & do you have any good advice for people about to travel there? - my husband is taking a 4 week trip to Nepal with his school (& 26 teenagers) in July - he's going all over the place and then helping to rebuild a school in an isolated village! (i'm very jealous of all of these things)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Beccles!!! You obviously just have a case of 'crochet-ers' block. It'll come back to you, I know it will.

Have you looked at Teresa's tutes on YouTube? There are many out there and I'm sure some are better than others.

Good luck!

becclebee said...

thanks guys - i took your advice and now i can crochet!

as for nepal, i lived in a fairly remote region in the mid west in a town called surkhet (not on the tourist trail). it was a few years ago now, so i am not sure what advice to give, but if you have any specific questions - feel free to ask and i will give it a go.

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