Saturday, 25 April 2009

art space

so, here we are, another saturday, full of coffee and promise, with time and art and stuff to do. but no space to do it in. see, about 6 months ago, i acquired a spare room. a lovely light filled space to spread out and art and sew and enjoy. its a great room. but at the moment it is being used as a guest room - we have a random south african staying with us for the next three weeks. before that we had another soon-to-be-wed friend staying for two weeks. i have somehow turned into the friend with the guest room, rather than the one who has space for making stuff. the other night, after the groom's wedding, but before the south african came to stay, i sat in the spare room for awhile. pottered, putting away this and that. planning some projects and just allowing the art space back into my lungs. then i changed the sheets, made up the bed and got out a clean recently purchased guest towel. and wondering how i had managed to turn my art space into a hotel room, i closed the door behind me on my way out.


messyfish said...

oh thats no good! perhaps a flea infestation or some other critter might scare them all you can create again

becclebee said...

hmm, fleas... *grins* might work well short term - but in the long run, i think i might just have to wait it out.

ana @ i made it so said...

oh, so did it become your art space? the intrigue! i must go digging through your archives for the answer, i guess ;) i like this line: "just allowing the art space back into my lungs."

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